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From Never Gonna Give You Up-pedia, the free never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Origins[edit source]

In March 2007, Grand Theft Auto [Insert the numerals for 4 here] trailer had gone live on the Rockstar Games official website, but the users sent their cursors to the website one too many times, and the website just decided it had enough, and pulled the plug. Now people were so dang desperate to watch it, that they'd download, I don't know, MyDoom to watch the trailer. So some dude on the popular website, 4chan went and put uh, I don't know, Never Gonna Give You Up. And he gave them up. He gave them up and you're [freaking] laughing. Then Google was like "Hey I can buy your thingy, YouTube, and make everyone hate it- I mean love it." and boom. Ricky was like "hey I remember that Dwayne the Rock Star Games incident, maybe I can get some clicks out of this song and get famous!" and boom in 2009, it went up.

Usage[edit source]

Come on, you know how it's used.

This is how it's used:

"Hey, Timmy give me rawbucks or v-bucks!"

"Sure, just click this link to redeem it! Https://"